Ralphs Community Contributions Program

Ralphs is giving up to $2,500,000 to non-profit organizations this year. Year after year, local schools, churches andshoppingcart other non-profit organizations earn millions of dollars through the Ralphs Community Contributions Program. Since Ralphs is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper, it would be fine if you could each do share.

The Concert Singers has been registered with this program for many moons. If you are already a shopper at Ralphs markets and have a Ralphs Rewards Card, be sure to use it. But you must register your card first, then every time you swipe, some of your well-spent money will be kicked back to The Concert Singers.

How The Concert Singers Earns:

If you already shop at Ralphs' markets and have a Ralphs Rewards Card, you may register your card online at www.ralphs.com. They will ask for the organization's name (that's us) and/or NPO number. Our NPO number is 83494. Individual purchases will begin counting towards The Concert Singers within 72 hours of registering your card online. Then, when you shop for groceries and swipe your card, The Concert Singers will automatically start earning that rebate. (If you do not have access to the online sign-up method, you may call 1-800/443-4438 to learn about the alternative sign-up method.)

If you do not shop at Ralphs already, I highly recommend it. I, myself, always shop at the market in the Magic Johnson mini-mall off La Tijera and Centinela in Westchester. It's a wonderful store; well-run, attractive and well-stocked. But, of course, first you need a Ralphs Rewards Card. You may get one merely by stopping by the customer service desk at any one of the Ralphs' markets and asking for one. Then you can do your shopping and begin earning for us.

What The Concert Singers Earns:

Ralphs pays each organization on a quarterly basis based on the following monthly qualifying purchases per household:

Up to $200 - 1%

Between $200.01 and $350 - 2%

Between $350.01 and $500 - 3%

Over $500 - 4%

When that's accomplished, a quarterly check is mailed or personally delivered to The Concert Singers by the neighborhood Ralphs Store Director within one month of the close of each quarter.


It's a very special way to lend a hand to the presentation of beautiful music to your own community. We hope you'll join in our pleasure in sharing beauty.

Thank you, members and community!


Notes: Ralphs limits their quarterly contributions to a maximum contribution of $625,000 to be distributed among all participating eligible organizations. Ralphs limits a quarterly household contribution to $150. In the event that total earned contributions exceed the maximum contribution limit, Ralphs will prorate and reduce the contributions based on the total contributions earned by all participating organizations and their members. Minimum quarterly rebate payout is $25 per organization. In the event that an organization earns less than $25 in a quarter, Ralphs will hold the amount until the next quarter that the rebate exceeds $25 or the end of the program term, whichever comes first.